VITO SmartMap

VITO SmartMap Windows SP 1.0

GPS mapping program

VITO SmartMap is a Pocket PC GPS application which uses vector and raster maps. It is compatible with any NMEA protocol GPS receiver (Compact Flash socket, serial port, BlueTooth or sleeve).

The program enables you to view maps, determine your position on the map, view the current track (trail of moves), save the current track, and export tracks as ESRI Shape files.

Main features include:

  • Quickly displays and zooms vector and raster maps prepared by a PC utility VITO MapManager
  • Shows your location on the map displays and records a track of movements
  • Shows heading, speed, scale, and compass
  • Supports pushpins with notes, icons, and coordinates
  • Exports tracks in a popular GIS format
  • Reads vector maps made from a GIS source files
  • Reads raster maps made from several JPEG images
  • Has the largest map collection of different countries

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VITO SmartMap


VITO SmartMap Windows SP 1.0

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